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Comprehensive Assessment of Antimicrobial Drug Consumption at the St. Petersburg Hospitals in 2014–2016

Y. M. Gomon1, 2, A. S. Kolbin1, 3, Y. S. Svetlichnaya4, M. A. Proskurin3

1. First St. Petersburg state Medical University named after I. P. Pavlova, Moscow, Russia

2. St. George the Martyr City Hospital, St.-Petersburg, Russia

3. St. Petersburg State University, St.-Petersburg, Russia

4. North-Western state medical Academy named After I. I. Mechnikov, St. Petersburg, Russia

Aim. To measure comprehensive indicators of consumption in order to assess their correlation with the level of resistance of S. aureus, K. pneumoniae, E. coli in multidisciplinary hospitals of St. Petersburg in 2014–2016.

Materials and methods. We extracted data on the public procurement of antimicrobial drugs for systemic use (ATC code J01) in multidisciplinary hospitals of St.-Petersburg in 2014–2015 from IMS Health database. Prevalence of resistant strains was assessed based on the results of bacteriological surveys, St. Petersburg Medical Information-analytical Center (MIAC). The indicators of antimicrobial drugs consumption, drug resistance, drug resistance index were calculated.

The structure of public procurement of antimicrobial drugs does not correlate with the the prevalence of multi-resistant infections in St. Petersburg hospitals as a result of out-dated standards for specialized medical care. Current epidemiological situation requires purchasing of the the expensive antimicrobial drugs of limited access and performing epidemiological control measures that demand additional investments.

Conclusion. The existing standards for specialized medical care should be timely updated with regard to recommendations on antibacterial treatment in
accordance with the current epidemiological situation.

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