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Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “National Center for Health Technology Assessment” (ANO NC HTA)

Since October 2012 due to the structural reorganization of Russian National Research Medical University Research Center for Clinical and Economic Evaluation Pharmacoeconomics has become an independent organization and got a new name – Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “National Center for Health Technology Assessment” (ANO NC HTA)     

Objectives of the National Center

Development of health technology assessment (HTA) instruments based on the principles of evidence-based medicine and pharmacoeconomic analysis, with the final goal of improving medical care quality and health care system efficiency.

Activities of the National Center

· Comprehensive assessment of clinical and cost-effectiveness of medical technologies, analysis of the relevant national and international experience;

· Development of interdisciplinary approaches to clinical and economic evaluation of the research performed on efficacy, safety and economic acceptability of the medical technologies, in the process of formulation of the documents bringing under regulation medical care availability and quality;

· Examination of the use of medical technologies in real-life medical practice in the Russian healthcare system, development and implementation of the automated software tools for monitoring optimization of the use of medical technologies in healthcare organizations and territory health care system subunits;

· Assessment of social and economic burden of diseases, performing integrated analysis of the efficiency of implementation of certain medical technologies;

· Development of decision-making algorithms in healthcare management on the basis of clinical and economic and pharmacoepidemiological research and quality of life analysis;

· Development of structural-functional model and stages of integrated medical technology assessment in Russian healthcare;

· Development and approbation of methods and models to enable drug supply optimization with the help of programming;

· Development of international research and educational collaboration.

Structure of the National Center

· Department of Evidence-Based Medicine, Biostatistics and Mathematical Modelling 

· Department of Clinical Economic Analysis

· Department of External and International Affairs

The NC HTA employs a multidisciplinary team of experts including clinical pharmacologists, medical doctors, pharmacists, healthcare administrators, economists, mathematicians, biologists. Interdisciplinary approach to the building of research team allows the National Center to perform all stages of clinical and economic evaluation, and to develop standards of medical care. Among our employees there are experts in different fields of medicine, PhDs and Doctors of Medical Sciences.
At present the National Center collaborates with territory bodies of health administration of the Russian Federation, research national and international institutes. As a part of partnership the National Center conducts educational trainings of specialists regarding the basic principles of pharmacoeconomic analysis, medical technology assessment, and decision making algorithms to the development of drug lists on the basis of expertise results. The National Center staff members developed automated software for ABC/VEN/DDD analysis, which allows performing immediate evaluation of the drug lists for different levels from the perspective of their rational use.
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